Blackhawk Museum talk


I was thrilled to be invited by the Blackhawk Museum in California to deliver my Goodwood talk to members of the museum. I enjoyed a busy and varied West Coast trip to Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego and finally San Francisco.

The Blackhawk Museum is terrific; what a wonderful setting, and a stunning display of near-priceless cars. I have been to many motor museums over the years, but nothing to this standard.

The talk was scheduled to take place on the morning of Saturday 2 February 2019. The museum staff greeted me warmly, and then very professionally set me up for the talk. There was no pre-booking, but the museum expected the talk to be popular, so they put out all 250 chairs. And by 10 am every chair was full!

My talk went down very well, and nearly an hour of questions and comments followed. I was deeply impressed by the extent of the knowledge of the audience, not only of motoring matters, but also the aspects of the Second World War which relate to Goodwood.

The museum said that they would like me to return to deliver another talk, and of course I would love to do so, in the not too distant future.