18 July 2019 - Topic: Apollo 11 and the Space Race

Having been fascinated by the space race since boyhood, I am delighted to be delivering this talk at Brooklands Museum on Thursday 18 July 2019 from 7.30 pm.
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13 October 2019 - Topic: Goodwood

On the morning of Sunday, 13 October 2019 I will be delivering my Goodwood talk at Chichester Yacht Club. This is a private event for members of the Yacht Club, but I can take along some guests, so please contact me if interested.
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14 November 2019 - Topic: 40 Years of Formula 1

I am working on another very exciting initiative, which will be launched soon by the Brooklands Museum. The date is 14 November 2019, although it is not yet on the Brooklands website. I will be collaborating with Maurice Hamilton, one of the world's leading motorsport journalists, and we will be jointly presenting a talk entitled "40 Years of Formula 1", covering Maurice's fascinating career.

7 December 2019 - Topic: Brooklands

Following my well-received Goodwood talk earlier this year, I have been invited to return to the Blackhawk Museum near San Francisco, where I will be delivering my talk about Brooklands on Saturday 7 December 2019.
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8 December 2019 – Topic: The Battle of Britain and Operation Sealion

I am very pleased to have been invited by the Hiller Aviation Museum, near San Francisco, to deliver my talk about the Battle of Britain and Operation Sealion. The museum was founded by helicopter pioneer Stanley Hiller, and its exhibits of aircraft focus on the importance of the adventurous and innovative spirit in aviation design. I am looking forward to conversing with the museum’s community about that epic period of British history, the summer of 1940, when the whole population pulled together to resist an attempted invasion by Nazi Germany.
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15 December 2019 – Topic: Goodwood

On the morning of Sunday 15 December 2019 I will be delivering my Goodwood talk at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento. A group from this museum attended my Goodwood talk at the Blackhawk Museum earlier in 2019, and they have invited me to deliver the talk to their members. I am thrilled to be working with such a prestigious and innovative museum, and to be making my first visit to Sacramento.
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18 January 2020 – Topic: Goodwood

On the afternoon of Saturday 18 January 2020, I will be delivering my Goodwood talk at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire. I’m delighted to have been invited by this excellent and historic museum to work with them and their active community.
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Goodwood Aero Club have invited me to deliver my Operation Sealion and Space Race talks in 2020, precise dates to be decided.